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New Version 2015

Version 15.0 is now i compliance with:

- EN13445:2014 Issue 1

- PD5500:2012+A3:2014

Courses Fall 2014

in Oslo and Amsterdam.

New Service Pack

A new service pack is now available and can be downloaded from our website.

Courses Spring 2014

in Frankfurt and Stockholm

New Version 2014

Version 14.0 is in compliance with:

- EN13445:2009 Issue 5

- EN1591-1:2001 +A1:2009/AC:2010

- ASME VIII : 2013 Edition

- ASME II Part D : 2013 Ed.

- PD5500:2012+A2:2013

AD 2000 - Merkblatt

The AD2000 module now currently includes the following sections:

B 1 Cylindrical and spherical shells under internal pressure
B 2 Conical shells under internal and external pressure
B 3 Dished ends under internal and external pressure
B 5 Welded and bolted flat ends
B 6 Cylindrical shells under external pressure (including stiffener rings)
B 8 Flanges (EN1591)
B 9 Openings and nozzles in cylindrical, conical and spherical shells
B 10 Thick walled cylindrical shells under internal pressure

S1 - Simplified Asessment of Fatigue

S 3/1 Skirt support
S 3/2 Horizontal vessels on saddle support
S 3/4 Bracket and leg support for vertical vessels
S 3/5 Ring support for vertical vessels

NB! Additional sections are beeing added.